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Submitted by Ski junkie
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 04, 2021




Went out for a late afternoon/evening ski to Pocaterra Backdoor yesterday and perfected the art of face planting when attempting to stop 🤣.

Snow was great from the parking lot until Lookout/Tyrwhitt junction and then it slowly degraded the further I went with sections you had to navigate around water hazards.

The snow was fast and I had no issues with clumping. I easily set a personal best for wipeouts where I would normally be setting speed records. It was a constant battle to maintain balance, my core and legs got an amazing workout and it was one of the harder skis I have done to date.

I would say conditions are not ideal for anyone that considers themselves a beginner but there are certainly sections that were not as challenging.

It felt great to get out and crush 18km’s for my first ski of the season, 10 of them kicked my &$$.

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2021-11-06 - comment by HenryL

Gee, I knew a guy named Bob who had skis like that...-)

2021-11-05 - comment by Ski junkie

Yeah the smoke got thicker the closer I got to Elk Pass.

2021-11-04 - comment by Gord F

Looks like conditions have deteriorated a bit since Monday when I was there. It should make for a good base though. Did you notice any smoke near Elk Pass?

2021-11-04 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for the post Ski junkie!
Yes, it certainly does feel good to get the body moving. What I learned yesterday was that my summer habit of drink beer & eating peanuts was sub-optimal for XC skiing.

Sorry about the face.


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