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2022-03-14 at 20:57 - comment by Chuck

Hey Helen,
Glad you took the opportunity to check out this full route... and that you were well rewarded.

Paradise Creek below the first bridge

2022-03-14 at 20:28 - comment by Bob Truman

Hi Helen, it was Mary Perrott who first used the "Catch and Release" phrase that so aptly describes the unique spring skiing conditions.

While on the subject, I would like to acknowledge your contributions to the xc skiing lingo:
"The Back Door" was the perfect way to describe the early season access to Pocaterra. You also coined my favourite loop, the "SkierBob Special." There might even be some that I've forgotten about.

Helen Read upon reaching 1000K on Feb 28, 2017

SNOW GLOBE falling snow in PARADISE

Report Submitted by Helen Read
(trip) Date: Monday Mar 14, 2022

Submitted: Monday Mar 14, 2022 at 16:44


Brenda, Kathryn, and I


Enticed by Chuck and Jeannette's trip report of March 10th, we decided to put on our "big lady panties" and ascend up Paradise Creek from MLR in his skier tracks. Thank you C & J, as I would not have done it without your tracks. Started around 0/-1 at MLR plowed parking lot and by the time we made it to the first bridge, we were at 3.7 km on Gaia. Skied in those lovely tracks on south side maybe .5 km shy of the Lake Annette junction. Snow coming down pretty hard and snow temp at lunch by middle bridge was -3. Kathryn on skin skis had the easiest job of trail breaking, while Brenda and I needed to scissor-cross alot in between our "catch and release" efforts. I love whoever first used that phrase on the blog. Skiing out the usual way off Fairview was a treat in so much untouched powder. It was a good day for Kathryn to advertise her 3/4 metal edge Madshus skin skis.


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