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2022-03-16 at 07:38 - comment by Helen Read

Thank you Helen Y. for posting such a delicious photo of Fox Creek and Moraine for our morning breakfast. Reading that Sunshine got 7 cms overnight and Lk Louise Resort 5 cms is also very encouraging.

Fox Creek Winter Magic!

Report Submitted by Helen Yuen
(trip) Date: Tuesday Mar 15, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Mar 15, 2022 at 22:15


Just me :)


Winter Wonderland conditions on Boulton, Fox Creek, Moraine & Wheeler early this afternoon. Big fat fluffy snowflakes were the delightful backdrop to a quiet & peaceful tour through the wooded trails - the most beautiful on this very wintery day! Accumulations of several centimetres of new snow on the tracks by the time I was done. Fish scales were my friend today!

Fox Creek trail

A winter wonderland on Fox Creek!

Moraine trail


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