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2022-03-22 at 19:29 - comment by Chuck

Yes, I started up the ski out from Fish Creek parking lot, but I brought my own Tea and Goodies to my destination… otherwise I would not have broken my record!
Thanks for your supportive comments.

2022-03-19 at 11:50 - comment by aqua toque

Now that's what ya call "tea & goodies the hard way". Well done!

2022-03-19 at 09:25 - comment by Ulrikeski

Sounds incredible, 5 hrs. with trailbreaking. And you started up the skiout? You must have been flying with a kite. I remember taking about 8 hrs. to Skoki and return. You're getting more and more speedy, Chuck, keep it going!

SKOKI - 30 km in under 5 hours with over 1,000 metre elevation gain

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Friday Mar 18, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Mar 19, 2022 at 08:37


Whiteout conditions on the way in made trailbreaking challenging, especially across Ptarmigan Lake, but once I met all the exuberant overnighters coming out, travel conditions were excellent. My Rode Multigrade (0 to -2) worked perfectly with the new snow on top of the hard packed snowmobile route. Metal edges are useful!
Skoki does not get many day trippers, but they will provide tea and goodies, however if you are bringing a larger group they need to be advised in advance.
As the days get longer, more will be extending their day trips with many splendid options around here.

The sun finally appeared as I arrived at my destination!

Could hardly see Halfway Hut on my way up, so this photo was taken on my return

Boulder Pass... all you see this time are boulders!

Changing zone on Deception Pass

Inside view

Back on Deception Pass, the mood is good with the climb complete.


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