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2022-03-23 at 21:39 - comment by Dana

Yes, there was a celebratory drink at the car, but I forgot to take a photo.

2022-03-22 at 19:47 - comment by Normand

Nice photos and report Dana. And congratulations to Helen, for her inspirational passion to ski and reach such milestone, year after years.

2022-03-22 at 19:14 - comment by Bob Truman

Excellent report, Dana. Congratulations, Helen, on reaching 1000K. I was hoping you'd post a photo holding a celebratory bottle of beer(like in the past).

Lookout at PLPP

Report Submitted by Dana
(trip) Date: Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Mar 22, 2022 at 18:28


Helen and I (Dana)


Excellent conditions in PLPP today, so we decided to go up to Lookout. Started at 10 am on Moraine (freshly groomed), next went on Fox Creek, Hydroline and Lookout (both were groomed yesterday). Steep and long hill to the Lookout was easier and faster for me to walk, rather than ski-stem. I was on my skin skis. But Helen put on her half skins and went easily, except for a few icy parts. I walked on the very side where the snow was soft and did not notice, that the middle was icy. We enjoyed the beautiful views on the top and descended the easy way down to Tyrwhit and Whisky Jack, which softened quite a bit by 1pm, especially on the sunny parts. It was a great day, and at the car, Helen celebrated her 1000km on skis this winter. She is amazing. I believe it was -2 when we started and +3 when we finished before two

Helen coming to the top

View of Kananaskis Lakes


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