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2022-03-25 at 19:54 - comment by aqua toque

Mother always said...stay away from the isothermal ones.

2022-03-25 at 19:27 - comment by Jolynn

I'll have to remember the "one foot forward, one foot back" technique with these spring conditions...my tailbone is still sore from my experience with "catch and release" on Elk Pass a week ago!

2022-03-25 at 18:47 - comment by Dana

Here is the tree on the cabin - about three weeks ago


Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Thursday Mar 24, 2022

Submitted: Friday Mar 25, 2022 at 08:15


While temperatures were below zero when we started, sustained warmer temperatures has made the snowpack Isothermal.
Very important to stay on the snowmobile packed trail, or you will suddenly sink down to ground! The sun's heat has penetrated the snowpack, so it has no natural strength.
We enjoyed the previous night's 10 to 15 cms of new snow which provided a nice quiet glide on a solid base.
On the return, we did encounter some "Catch and Release" conditions in the changing sun and shaded areas. Remember to use a 'one foot forward and one foot back' technique to brace yourself and avoid calamity!

Breaking trail beyond the Cascade River Bridge

Robin and the Parks Fire Crew had flown in to do a prescribed burn around Stoney Creek Cabin

They removed that tree that had blown down over the old cabin

Now, if only I could have found their BEER!

Stay on track... or pay the price!

Only wildlife seen was actually back near Lake Minnewanka... on solid ground.


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