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2022-03-26 at 17:32 - comment by ErinP

You too ODA! That wasn’t Laurel and me who made the snow angels though…it was two ladies with whom we braved the Hydroline hill climb (I saw their post on the YYC Xc Ski Facebook page). You’re right, super touching. Glad to hear you made it up and down Blueberry Hill in one piece!

2022-03-26 at 12:31 - comment by ODA

Nice meeting u on Tyrwhitt, Erin. Was that u who did those 2 angels in the snow for Ukraine? Very touching. Didn't get a good shot of the Ukraine writing. Let's all pray for peace!

I also skied up BB Hill and it had a great view but was not groomed - 1 skier track. A little sketchy coming down with fast & sticky spots coming in & out of the shade. Caution is advised.

2022-03-25 at 20:00 - comment by aqua toque

Love the streaming sunlight shot!

Yeah, those darn whiskeyjacks...vulgar little bounders!

Hope your pompom's OK.

The Whiskey Jack PLPP ski

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Friday Mar 25, 2022

Submitted: Friday Mar 25, 2022 at 19:12


Laurel and me


Better than expected snow at PLPP today! The early start (10am, -5 degrees) and a bunch of new snow helped except for a few VERY icy sections (the far side of the Elk Pass hill; the bottom of Hydroline). Laurel Uruski and I eked out Elk Pass, herringboned up Hydroline, twisted around Tyrwhitt, whisked down Whiskey Jack (after hanging out with very hungry WJs at lunch), and meandered through Moraine. Back at about 1:30 and +5 degrees, although the warm sun made it feel warmer. The extra snow on the trails felt velvety for the most part, but it did get clumpier later in the ski. My skins were great and gave me awesome grip, and Laurel's VR40 wax did ok but she struggled a bit with grip as it got warmer. Watch out for whiskey jacks in the Elk Pass parking lot…one landed on my head and tried to make off with my pompom!


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