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2022-03-30 at 22:15 - comment by Diana Piggott

Sadly not this time, Chuck. I might have with an earlier start, but having an old diabetic cat makes getting an early start a rare treat these days :-/

2022-03-30 at 07:17 - comment by Chuck

Thanks Diana for your detailed report... hope you explored down the lake?

Boom Lake: good but challenging

Report Submitted by Diana Piggott
(trip) Date: Tuesday Mar 29, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Mar 29, 2022 at 21:42


"All by myself" (musical notes)


I finally got out! At the trailhead at 9:45 am the sun was just starting to break through, and the snow temp. was about -3C.
There was only a couple of cm of fresh snow on a very firmly packed trail, less under the trees. The trail was pretty good, but often bumpy and icy under the fresh, and frequently too narrow to either herringbone or snowplow. In the end I used my kicker skins all day, and still had some challenges on the steeper hills.
I've never been so alone up there! First up the trail, saw only a couple of squirrels by the trail, and at the lake not a single bird came to steal my lunch. It was quite eerie.
On my return, I did encounter several groups of hikers on their way up. Walking was easy on the hard packed trail, but by the time I reached the bottom it was getting slushy.
It was a beautiful spring day in the mountains :-)


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