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2022-03-30 at 21:33 - comment by Mike W

Yup Rainer, you spotted me. I guess pink isn't the best colour for camouflage! I'll be posting a report tomorrow.

2022-03-30 at 19:26 - comment by SkierRoger

Looks like a trip to PLPP is on my list...

Great morning conditions at PLPP

Report Submitted by RainerA
(trip) Date: Wednesday Mar 30, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Mar 30, 2022 at 14:29


Started 9 AM at Elk Pass parking, temp -2. First one to ski on last night's grooming up Blueberry, Elk Pass, Hydroline, Patterson and back. Tracks were a bit icy but jumping onto the corduroy provided better grip. The grooming was impeccable. Even was able to crust ski along the open areas along Hydroline. I had a Mike with the pink skis sighting as he headed across the Elk Pass meadows trailing the footprints of a wolverine!


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