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2022-04-06 at 09:39 - comment by Chuck

Yes Ray... Well said.
And I would like to also add appreciation for the continuing improvements to the site.
Thank you Roger.

2022-04-06 at 08:19 - comment by SkierRoger

The pleasure is all mine Ray. Big boots to fill, but the reward is getting to know such a great group of people!

Thanks, Roger!!!

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Tuesday Apr 05, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Apr 05, 2022 at 22:01


Hey Roger, I just wanted to say Thanks for picking up the baton from Bob. I think the web site's great, and I've used it way too many times to count. I think you've done a bang up job with it, and while I might still be using it and posting for a couple more weeks, I'm already looking forward to using it again next year! Between your site, Nordic Pulse, and the Parks Canada grooming reports, it can actually be harder to figure out where to go skiing - an embarrassment of riches!



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