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2022-04-07 at 10:33 - comment by Arie

Nice turns, Chuck!
It looks like you had better weather than I did on Burstall Pass yesterday (6th). I dealt with fast-moving clouds, snow squalls, high winds at times, and brief pulses of sunshine. But the snow was really good. 4-6 inches of wind-affected but dry powder. Heavy trailbreaking in places. Despite some slabbiness it seemed to bond well and nothing was moving yesterday, avalanche-wise. Driving conditions on Smith-Dorrien were terrible.

2022-04-06 at 20:50 - comment by Chuck

The high bridge was no problem, but we did take the snow bridge instead on the way back… for peace of mind!

2022-04-06 at 20:38 - comment by Ulrikeski

Wow, a great day to be up there! How adventurous was the ski out on the trail? How was crossing the high bridge?

2022-04-06 at 19:05 - comment by Helen Read

Jeannette, you go girl!!! Those turns are incredible on your LT skis; or do Chuck's Hot Red AT's get all the credit? Stunningly beautiful especially the sun topping that one photo. Ditto to Roger's comment: you just keep enticing us. And also enjoyed all the "epic" Ranier, Normand, and Sara's ski trips/reports.

2022-04-06 at 18:36 - comment by aqua toque

Looks like great turns -- both types -- left and right!

2022-04-06 at 18:13 - comment by SkierRoger

Looks like a great trip Chuck. Thanks to you, my list of places to go continues to grow.

The turns look wonderful !

2022-04-06 at 18:02 - comment by RainerA

Great turns Chuck. Snow looks awesome.

STANLEY GLACIER - With conditions like this, we are far from done!

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Wednesday Apr 06, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Apr 06, 2022 at 17:30


Cold snow and blue skies lift the heart.
Jeannette was on light touring skis and I used my Tua AT skis, as I need a little help with my turns!
You be the judge... Enjoy.

There were skiers ahead of us...

...and climbers to watch on the side

With my AT skis, I had to climb a little higher

The view back down

Turns from the high point...

...or are you more impressed with the turns a little lower?


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