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2022-04-12 at 11:58 - comment by Mike W

Hi DAB - The beauty of the 140cm Little B's is they're short enough to do a wide snowplow on a narrow trail. In addition, they are much more torsionally rigid than my 180cm Salomon XADV 89 skis. In combination, they bite much better into crust and ice for speed control. That said, we also had sections on the Twin Lakes trail where we would have needed crampons to walk down, but it was too steep and narrow to snowplow, even for the Little B's. Off the trail was breakable crust with postholing up to the knees. The solution was to walk down along the edge of the trail with half of each foot in the breakable crust to get traction, and half on the trail to keep from sinking in!

Hope you recover soon from your bruising!

2022-04-11 at 23:13 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Mike,

The Little B's will greatly appreciate some sunglasses as the icy glacial scenery up the Haiduk way is so bright they will need to wear shades, but they will need some big B's to deal with the ice on the first 1.5 km of the Redearth Trail. It took all of my strength to control my speed and slowly snowplow the lower icy hills so I would not kill my self. As I was just approaching the parking lot gate and thinking how lucky I was to survive the icy hills to ski another day, I fell and slammed my right hip into the icy trail. I now have the biggest bruise I have ever had to remind myself ice acts as a meat pounder or meat tenderizer. I would wait for a few cm's of new snow to cushion the lower Redearth Creek trail and allow for much more ski control before terrorizing the Little B's. There would be no way to walk down the hills without crampons.

The snow may come later this week. Keep up the killer ski trips without killing yourself on ice.

2022-04-11 at 19:08 - comment by Mike W

Great trip! The Little B's have added it to their wish list!


Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Monday Apr 11, 2022

Submitted: Monday Apr 11, 2022 at 03:22


Mr. Real Democracy on metal edged xc skis


Sunday afternoon/ night ski

The first 1.5 km of the Redearth Creek trail is icy. A little minor new groppel snow did help things out slightly to give better grip. This section of the trail could use 3 cm of wet snow to greatly improve the skiing.

The further up one skis up trail the better the trackset and skiing. There had been a couple of minor snowfalls since the last skier skied the trail. There is a thin crust layer with dry snow on top which improved the skiing.

I skied up the Egypt trail for a few hundred meters to the switch backs. Someone on fat skis appeared to break the trail. There is a couple of cm's of new snow on top of the skier track.

At the Warden Cabin it was -4c in the afternoon.

The Shadow Lake Lodge trail was rather nice and wide. Snowmobile tracked with up to 6 cm of new snow up higher. The trail was wind blown further toward the Shadow Lake Lodge.

I broke trail up to Haiduk Lake. Generally winter like conditions. Very nice soft skiing. I left the lake as it was becoming dark. Stunning 1/2 moon+ lighting with a big halo which made for good moonlight skiing and great night scenery.

At Shadow Lake Lodge around 11:00 pm the temperature was -10c with mainly clear skies.

The icy hills on the Redearth trail about 1.5 km from the parking lot were awfully noisy to ski down. Thankfully another fat skier came up after me and then snow plowed down the hills to smooth them out a little. Extremely fast skiing down the ice in snow plow position.


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