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2022-04-12 at 21:52 - comment by SkierRoger

Yes Alf, my Elan's are pretty old.
Kind of like me!

They proudly advertise a wood core.

2022-04-12 at 21:48 - comment by SkierRoger

The trail I took connects MLR to the Lake Louise parking lot. I've highlighted it on this map.

Nope, I didn't ski back on MLR.

my route

2022-04-12 at 21:45 - comment by Alf Skrastins

Wow. I used to ski on a pair of Elan Spitfires, but I haven't seen those for a few decades.

2022-04-12 at 21:36 - comment by Helen Read

Assume you mean the popular biker's Highline Trail? Did you ski back on MLR? I think this was a rather epic outing all by yourself, especially when bears are starting to come out?

Checking out Moraine Lake Highland Trail

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Apr 12, 2022 at 21:23


The temperature dropped so nicely over the past few days (only a skier would say that), so I decided to check out Lake Louise. I investigated the Moraine Lake Highland Trail via Fairview, Moraine Lake Road & Paradise Valley trails. I expected some bushwhacking with uncertain snow conditions so I took my tele skis and skins.

It was a pleasant -10 degrees at the parking lot at 11:00. I found Fairview to be in decent shape with some ice. It probably improves in the afternoon as sun hits it. The MVP (most valuable possession) of the day was my Ascension skins. They allowed me to get full enjoyment out of Paradise Valley and Moraine Lake Highland Trails. These narrow trails are fairly winding with ups and downs and a scattering of ice. The last 300m (just above the parking lot) is sheer ice, careful!

All in all, it was a great day.
Didn't see a sole though.

View from Fairview trail

Paradise Valley Trailhead off of Moraine Lake Road.
- Check out Chuck's March 23rd report on Giant Steps
- Check out Mike W's Dec 2/21 report on Lake Annette

Sign recommending groups only due to Grizzly's.

Moraine Lake Highland Trail

Taking a well deserved break

Nice little map, so I took a picture


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