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2022-04-13 at 21:17 - comment by SteveR

Bob, it's good to see your recent reports! I had been thinking that maybe you had hung up the boards for the season.
Looks like I jumped the gun by skiing yesterday. The skiing was excellent, but today's weather was obviously much better than Tuesday's solid overcast.

Ready for take-off

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Wednesday Apr 13, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Apr 13, 2022 at 20:52


Whiskey Jack, Tyrwhitt, Upper Pocaterra, Packers.


You'll feel like you're flying. The tracksetting on the overnight grooming is lightning fast but is still very safe. The snow is edgeable if you need to snowplow.

Tyrwhitt had a bit of fresh snow but the tracks are still well-defined and the snow is cold enough to prevent any sticking. Blue wax worked well.

It is such a pleasure to have spring skiing without any of the usual issues such as "catch and release," collembola, tree debris, and bobsled tracks.

The temperature when I started around noon at Boulton Creek was -11. It warmed up to -6.

Thrill of the day: The final 700 metres of Upper Pocaterra(as it approaches Packers). I enjoyed it so much I climbed back up and did it a second time.

Ready for take-off. The start of the final 700 metres on Upper Pocaterra.

Upper Pocaterra. I was snapping photos on the fly.

Packers as it approaches the non-existent ice crossing. There was no sign of any ice on the trail.

Alf's tracks at the back door.

Tyrwhitt had a couple cm of fresh snow. Some skiers were making their own tracks so they could all ski side-by-side.

Animal tracks paralleling Tyrwhitt.


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