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2022-04-15 at 17:00 - comment by Helen Read

Dana, loved your post and photos, but especially loved that picture of Paul. Yes, it is one of my favourite annual skis.

Very easy backcountry - Robertson Glacier

Report Submitted by Dana
(trip) Date: Friday Apr 15, 2022

Submitted: Friday Apr 15, 2022 at 16:28


Paul and I


This is one of the easiest backcountry trips with the most beautiful scenery most of the way. And today were the mid-winter conditions, snow was soft yet wind packed on the lake and a bit harder in the first steeper part, but still easy to ski down on our fish scale skis. We were the only ones there the whole day, even though there were several cars in the parking lot. Maybe some went to the French glacier and down on Robertson. Or some went to Hogarth's lakes. -11 in the morning, -7 at 1 pm at the parking lot. still amazing skiing.

we went down to the lake sooner than usual, it is fun along the creek

Whistling Ridge is in the background

He too picked the yesterday's ski tracks

we saw the ski tracks here, between Mt Birdwood and the Pig's Tail

Robertson glacier


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