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2022-04-16 at 19:06 - comment by Helen Read

Way to go Ray, Mary and Keith. It must have been somewhat of a brisk wind. Next time you are on Hwy 40 will likely be on our bikes. I hung up my skis today and went for a chilly bike ride instead on Trans Canada. Wonder who will get the prize for The Last Post?

PLPP: Hwy40 - BackDoor - Pocaterra

Report Submitted by Ray Perrott
(trip) Date: Saturday Apr 16, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Apr 16, 2022 at 16:59


Mary, Keith, myself


We had never skied Hwy40 before, but wanted to give it a try after reading Alf's and other reports. Started at 10am at the road closure gate, -10C, sunny and calm. The 9km ski to the back door started rather icy, not much in the way of tracks. As we headed south, conditions slowly got better, and from the halfway point to the back door was actually quite good (a snowmobile track helped at times). The 500m "back door" to the Pocaterra trail was skier set - quite manageable. Pocaterra from this point down to Packers Jct and continuing to Lynx Jct was trackset last night - generally very fast (almost scary on some of the steeper hills) but generally great fun. The section of Pocaterra from the Lynx Jct to the hut has not been trackset for several weeks, but was mostly (75%) in good condition, with the remainder being icy with a few short bare patches (avoidable), and even an ice flow on Come-Along. -2C and cloudy when we finished.
Thanks to the tracksetters for all their great work this past winter. Also thanks to Volker Stevin for keeping the roads driveable, and to the helpful staff at the information centers. See you next winter!

Starting on Hwy40

Great views

A section of Come-Along


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