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2022-06-14 at 21:57 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

It was not this skier!

I have had talks with Fair Vote Canada and they are only interested in electoral reform whereas I am interested in political reform. Fair Vote Canada suggests citizens should have a say in upgrading our democracy but first we have to bring in real democracy or rule by the people including those on skis. You can't upgrade democracy if it does not exist.

Some people suggest we have a democratic deficit but to suggest that is like saying there is an oxygen deficit on the moon. There is no oxygen on the moon therefore there is no oxygen deficit. The same goes with democracy on the 3rd rock from the sun. Democracy does not exist on earth and therefore we must create it before we can upgrade it. Make way for real democracy so skiing will get better and remain universally free in our National Parks. If not, the oligarchy will charge fees for skiing and or parking in our National Parks

2022-06-03 at 00:13 - comment by aqua toque

Whatever you do don't scan that QR code!

I did and it turned me into a hippy!

Famous SkierRoger trip reporter spotted in Toronto!

Report Submitted by mike w
(trip) Date: Thursday Jun 02, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Jun 02, 2022 at 18:41




I just received an anonymous tip-off that a well-known contributor to this website is in Toronto campaigning for today's Ontario election. The source was too scared for his/her safety to provide the person's name, but submitted photographic evidence, reproduced above. Please respond to this report if you have any idea who this person is.


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