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2022-10-24 at 20:22 - comment by Mike W

I endorse the reports-first, followed by comments in downward chronological order as well!

At some point in the future, it would be nice to be able to embed photos within a report, rather than having them all appear below the report. I expect this change would be a significant amount of work, and I wouldn't want Roger to miss out on any skiing because of it!

2022-10-24 at 13:11 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for the feedback Donna. I agree

The focus should be on quality reporting and providing of information for others. Plus I love the pictures!

Distance is far from the main goal (at least that's what my old bones say).

2022-10-24 at 10:49 - comment by Donna B

Comparison can be the thief of joy so my ask is that reporters focus on conditions and waxing help rather than distances they can accomplish.

2022-10-24 at 08:03 - comment by aqua toque

DCO--best thing to happen here since eSkis!

Yay Chuck!

2022-10-23 at 19:58 - comment by SkierRoger


2022-10-23 at 17:05 - comment by Chuck

While giving it a try, could you please put the comments below the report in downward chronological order. It would again provide proper flow.
As you say, the Comments page with most recent comments at the top allows readers to quickly stay engaged!
Thanks again.

2022-10-23 at 13:36 - comment by SkierRoger

As always, thanks for the feedback Chuck!

I think your idea of placing the comments default position below the trip report is a valid idea. Let's try it and see how it works...

My motivation for placing the comments on top was to engage our readers to participate in the discussion. However, the comments page will provide that information just as easily.

2022-10-23 at 10:06 - comment by Chuck

Thank you Roger for all your work.
I do wonder if users would agree with me that Comments should appear below Reports?
I find it difficult to follow the thread of a discussion if the original topic is down below.
If users want to ensure that they see the most recent comments, they can always select the Comments tab.

Welcome to the the 2022/23 XC Ski Season

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Saturday Oct 22, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Oct 22, 2022 at 19:37


Welcome to the start of the 2022/23 XC ski season on SkierRoger.ca !

I was so excited to see the first snowfall today. Let’s hope it hangs in there…

If you’re not familiar with this website, here is a quick summary:

This is a fun site geared towards the cross country skiing community in Southern Alberta. Once you’ve registered, feel free to post reports of your skis adventures or ask any related questions. You will find the XC skiing community to be very supportive.

I encourage you to upload pictures to your trip reports (or attach picture links). Also, tell us about where you skied, what you saw and experienced. It’s very helpful to inform your readers about the snow conditions, wax that did or didn’t work, etc. maybe you used skin skis - if so, let us know…

Also, feel free to comment on others reports, but most importantly, enjoy and have fun!

A number of resources are offered for your use, including maps of ski areas, weather reports, web camera links, etc. The Live Grooming Reports and Trail Report links are very helpful and tell you what areas you might try. Most important though is to read others skiers trip reports. Nothing is better than receiving direct feedback from someone who was just out there.

For the seasoned bloggers, you will find a number of improvements to the site, as described in the “Quick Help” link on the main page.

For the novice skiers, I would encourage you to check out Ray’s Trail Steepness and Risto’s Hill Pain Score reports which are available under the Resources section. These provide a great summary of which trails are more challenging than others (see the links provided below).

Please enjoy this site and have a wonderful ski season.
See you out there!


Early morning snow today in NW Calgary.

Ray’s Trail Steepness
Risto’s Hill Pain Score
SkierBob videos for motivation

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