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2022-10-29 at 15:07 - comment by Chuck

When planning to go skiing, I often wonder what was being done about this time last year.
Well now, Roger has made it easy for anyone to do this research!
For instance, Select ALLSKIERS and then select a date range like Oct 25, 2021 to Nov 10, 2021.
Try it... it works beautifully.
Thanks Roger for developing this feature, while the rest of us are out skiing!

New Feature: Show All Trip Reports within a Selected Date Range

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Saturday Oct 29, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Oct 29, 2022 at 13:19


For those readers interested in viewing all past reports within a certain date range, this website offers a new feature.

Simply select “ALLSKIERS” from the “Browse by User” dropdown box & click “Find” - ALL reports within a chosen date range will be shown.

Thanks to Chuck for making the request!


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