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2022-11-04 at 08:55 - comment by Gord F

When we completed Moose Loop yesterday, I stopped to look at all the deep powder on the Telephone Trail and wondered how long it would take for someone to break trail all the way through. Now I know.

Telephone Loop First Tracks

Report Submitted by Alf Skrastins
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 03, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Nov 03, 2022 at 20:27


Gord, Michelle, Jason and me


We started up East Telephone with the intention of maybe looping back on Hostel or touring up Snowshoe Hare and DemiTel. But right from the start, Telephone Loop was pretty good, especially for early November. We broke trail around the whole loop in very wintery conditions. The snow depth ranged from about 20 cm at about the middle of East Telephone to 30+cm at the north end of the loop. We hit a few rocks in the usual places on the steep hills on East Telephone and removed a couple of trees that had fallen across the trail.
Pretty amazing to do this loop at the very start of the season!

Total distance: 15.00 Km

East Telephone

East Telephone

North end of Telephone Loop

West Telephone Loop

West Telephone Loop


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