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2022-11-14 at 08:59 - comment by SkierRoger

This morning I received a quick reply from Parks Canada’s Visitor Experience Manager, Lake Louise, Yoho, Kootenay Field Unit:

Hi Roger,

Thanks for connecting again. We are still working away on integrating Nordic Pulse into our operations. We should have a decision on our plans for this season within 4 weeks.

2022-11-13 at 15:52 - comment by SkierRoger

On the subject of Parks Canada potentially adopting the Nordic Pulse system, I actually received an email from them last January 13th. Below is a copy for your review…

I will respond to that e-mail thread today and see if I can get an update on Parks Canada’s plans.

Dear Mr. Sakatch,

Thank-you for your email and for bringing your excellent suggestion to us regarding Nordic Pulse.

As an avid cross-country skier myself, I am very aware of the good work that Nordic Pulse has done to put real-time trail conditions into the hands of nordic skiers. Last year, we had some preliminary discussions with Julien from Nordic Pulse however at that time, we were not quite ready to start using Nordic Pulse with our trails.

Parks Canada does think that Nordic Pulse presents some great opportunities for improving the visitor experience of our Nordic skiers however there several technical issues that we need to fully understand before we can commit to implementing it’s use. We are planning on assigning members of our team to look at whether or not we can now incorporate Nordic Pulse into our operations.

At this time, I do not have a timeline for when we will have decision on the future of Nordic Pulse for Parks Canada. I can however commit to having our teams look into the application of Nordic Pulse and the feasibility of using it. Please feel free to connect with me again in the coming months for an update on how this is progressing.

I hope to see you on the trails this winter.

2022-11-13 at 15:05 - comment by tmalaher

I called the Banff Info Centre last week and talked to a nice person there. They were aware of Nordic Pulse and the benefits of it, but she didn't know if there was any move afoot to add the Banff or Yoho parks to it.

Apparently the current system is that the tracksetters email the info centre when they are done for the day and the info centre staff update the web page when they have time *during business hours*.

She stated explictly that if the email doesn't arrive until 5:04 pm, they won't even start thinking about updating the web site until after 9am the next day, and if they are busy then not even then. Which explains a lot about why the updates are so out-of-date.

It was suggested that I email info@pc.gc.ca and then they would forward this email to their management. So I've done that.

However, it seems that there are a multitude of different addresses on the web for the various info centers, and that address doesn't show up. So I'm going to forward the email to all the addresses I can find. [Update: information@pc.gc.ca has at least given me an auto-response]

I also emailed info@nordic-pulse.com. Julien at Nordic Pulse says:

"We’d love to have the National Parks onboard as well. We’re already working with Parks Canada in other provinces and it would be great work with Banff/Yoyo as well. We’re doing what we can, but I also hear emails from skiers might make a difference!"

2022-11-09 at 20:45 - comment by Ray Yong

I wonder what it would take to get Parks Canada to use Nordic Pulse? Love that web site. It's made deciding where to ski both easier (lots of choices shown) and harder (lots of choices shown)...

Wonderful tracksetting at West Bragg Creek

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 09, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Nov 09, 2022 at 19:14


Blue wax, blue skies, calm air with smiling skiers and happy dogs. These fantastic early-season conditions are like a dream.

There was excellent tracksetting on most of the trails I skied which included Mountain Road, Mountainview, West Crystal, Loggers, and Sundog West. Mountainview was the only one which didn't have recent tracksetting but was just fine with a few cm of fresh snow.

The air temperature at 1 pm was -11 and the snow was -7.

Groomer Seth just updated the trail report and mentioned that the entire system should be trackset by Friday.

Thanks for everyone else's trip reports. As is their custom, Banff National Park is dropping the ball when it comes to reporting trail conditions. I see they finally updated the Lake Louise conditions today.

Gliding along Mountain Road with a big smile.


Good old winter wonderland on Mountainview.

West Crystal


Kate just completed the Sundog Loop and reported excellent conditions


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