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2022-11-12 at 10:02 - comment by Arie


Little Elbow revisited

Report Submitted by Diana Piggott
(trip) Date: Friday Nov 11, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Nov 12, 2022 at 08:14


Myself and my son


Inspired by Arie, it seemed a good time to revisit this area, and my son agreed to accompany me. We had complete solitude once away from the campground, and followed nice tracks to the bridge, where they turned around. From there we were alone with various assorted animal tracks, from various rodents tiny to large, to possibly a large cat or two, and some bird of prey feather marks - fascinating!
We turned around about 2 km beyond the bridge, still in the cold shade. At that point the trail went steeply down, with thinning snow cover. My son shussed happily down the hills without incident, but I proceeded slowly and with excessive caution. We did not have to walk any hills, but there are definitely rocks lurking under the snow.

Total distance: 15.00 Km

Sunny early going

Nice new bridge

Where we turned around

Back down to the bridge


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