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2022-11-15 at 08:41 - comment by MaSid

Indeed Steve! Perhaps you remember this day last season. Missed each other by about an hour (based on the weather that rolled in). Glad I wasn’t there any earlier!

“If you go out in the woods today.....”

2022-11-14 at 20:58 - comment by SteveR

As someone who also likes to wander around off trail on xc skis, it's great to see another of your reports!

2022-11-14 at 12:26 - comment by aqua toque

Great report Mr. Sid.

Welcome to the internet!

WBC side country

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Sunday Nov 13, 2022

Submitted: Monday Nov 14, 2022 at 11:05




Tom snow north of moose is thin at the rocky descent from the end of the access meadow. Needs another foot, even for the meadow bypass to this descent. Tom snow south of south moose to the west meadow junction is in good shape, with two exceptions: the creek is frozen over and walkable, but not skiable; the steep ascent beyond that is thin with exposed rocks. Best to walk up, or down if going north. West meadow is in excellent skier tracked shape. Walker traffic on the tom snow section from west meadow to mountain rd. Looks like Alf and company have been in there ski packing, plus a handy bypass around one of the steeper hills heading north. Also visited south meadow a couple times over the weekend, so access is in good skier set shape. Didn’t venture through the meadow given the hummocks. Needs a bit more.

The alternate short meadow route paralleling moose North

Surface hoar in west meadow. Snow got moist back there in the afternoon.


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