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2022-11-15 at 08:21 - comment by Gord F

Thanks for the report on Healy Pass. Great to hear the trail is in good shape.

Healy Pass

Report Submitted by JackB
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 14, 2022

Submitted: Monday Nov 14, 2022 at 21:23


Me and a friend.


We skied up to Healy Pass from the Sunshine parking lot today. The snow cover was excellent, especially for this time of year, and even the ski out had good snow cover. The trail was broken all the way to the pass, and there were only a couple of trees down across the trail, unlike last year at this time. The snow on the trail was hard packed, which made for a very fast descent. Any untracked powder snow to the sides of the trail was very unforgiving due to not being consolidated at all yet. There was not a breathe of wind at Healy Pass, and with the sunshine, it was a spectacular day in the mountains.

The ski out just above the parking lot.

Looking south from Healy Pass.

Looking west from Healy Pass.


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