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2022-11-17 at 19:01 - comment by SkierRoger

I know where I’m going tomorrow!

WBC Perfection

Report Submitted by Septuagenarians
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 17, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Nov 17, 2022 at 17:01


Two Septuagenarians


West Bragg was perfect today. Started at -20 in the morning and followed West Crystal, Mountain View and Mountain Road to the high point on Mountain View West and then returned to the car to have a warm lunch. Sidestepped 10 meters down from the first high point on Mountain View to avoid snowplowing on exposed hazards. Everything was newly trackset with firm hard fast tracks except Mountain View which had a silky smooth inch of new snow on recent grooming.

After lunch, headed back out and skied Moose Connector and Moose Loop CCW as suggested by the sign. Perfect conditions again, with everything newly trackset except Moose Connector which was as smooth as Mountain View was in the morning. The run down Moose Loop from the picnic table at the high point was the best we have seen in years. Fast smooth grooming with controllable packed snow and no hazards showing. Highly recommend CCW.

Tracksetting was perfect. Congratulations, Groomers.

However, as MaSid pointed out, be alert and ready to lift your ski or swing around any small rocks.

Total distance: 23.00 Km

Mountain View West Perfection


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