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2022-11-23 at 16:04 - comment by Zosia

Thanks MaSid! I wonder if the trees are cleared on this trail?

2022-11-21 at 14:17 - comment by MaSid

Hi Zosia,
Alf has reported in previous years that snow tends to be thinner north of kestral than south of. That means waiting for more snow to accommodate sonny on LT gear. (-:

2022-11-18 at 07:43 - comment by Zosia

Any data on how are the conditions on Tom Snow north (from Pine Woods to Kestrel)?

WBC: Tom Snow-North

Report Submitted by Alf Skrastins
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 17, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Nov 17, 2022 at 21:24


Pete and myself


Just following up on MaSid's observation about Tom Snow, north of Moose Loop. A couple of us from Bragg Creek Trails went up Tom Snow from Moose Loop to Kestrel junction. The goal was to remove several trees that had come down onto the trail, but we also did some ski packing and snow moving to set up a good base on some of the steeper hills and spots that can get thin. It's good to go for anyone on touring skis. No tracks at all (yet) on Kestrel.

Total distance: 23.00 Km

Downed tree on Tom Snow, north of Moose Loop


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