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2022-11-19 at 22:45 - comment by ErinP

Wow that sounds intense!! Stay safe out there!

2022-11-18 at 16:56 - comment by MaSid

Crazy cats! About mid-morning today I was sitting on a log at the wooded edge of a meadow near tom snow north, 100 m from moose loop, enjoying some tea. There was a sudden clattering in the bush and a deer came rushing out into the meadow at warp speed 50 ft to my left. I was expecting a cougar to be chasing it, but nothing came out after the deer, thankfully. Doesn’t mean there wasn’t one there (now that you mention it!). No wonder I spilled my tea.

WBC heaven

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Friday Nov 18, 2022

Submitted: Friday Nov 18, 2022 at 13:24


Jeff G and me


Chef’s kiss to Mother Nature for bringing us beautiful mid-winter ski conditions in November, and to the WBC groomers for bringing us awesome tracks! We skied Moose Loop and Mountain View West, and it was great all around. Our skins were perfect when we started out (-16ish) and when we ended (much warmer!). Blue skies and great tracks made for big smiles all around.
*As I was driving away, a cougar ran across the road right in front of my car. It came from the WBC side of the road where I know there are ski trails…stay safe out there everyone!*

Total distance: 14.00 Km


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