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2022-11-20 at 21:13 - comment by Eyesopen

Looks lovely Bob. Thanks for sharing.

Back Door Score

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Sunday Nov 20, 2022

Submitted: Sunday Nov 20, 2022 at 19:29



Accessing the higher elevation PLPP trails through the back door has become a delightful November ritual. Today I skied Upper Pocaterra between the back door junction and Whiskey Jack on beautiful tracksetting.

Pocaterra is also groomed(not trackset) from the back door to the the Packers junction, and snowmobile packed from Packers to the hut. Andrew and Danielle had skied all the way from the hut and said the coverage was reasonably good on the snowmobile packing.

According to the skier I talked to at the top of Whiskey Jack, that trail is also skiable all the way down on corduroy.

Tyrwhitt, which is snowmobile packed, is rough with lots of bumps and uneven terrain. Jim has given more details in his report.

Unfortunately yesterday's powerful winds have deposited a lot of tree debris in some locations. The tracksetting on Pocaterra was reasonably clean except for a short stretch near the Whiskey Jack junction. WJ trail had a lot of debris near the top.

The air temperature was -6 and the snow was -5. I used VR45(-2/-8) with good results. There were eight vehicles in the back door parking lot which made for a full house.

Pocaterra is trackset between the back door and Whiskey Jack.

Pocaterra is groomed from the back door to Packers. This photo is near the Packers junction.

Andrew and Danielle, on Pocaterra, had skied from the hut and were on their way to the Lookout.

Skiers on Pocaterra as they leave the Whiskey Jack junction.

Art and Dixie were enjoying the good conditions on Pocaterra.


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