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2022-11-25 at 22:42 - comment by Little Bs

DAB - We'll let you know about the glade skiing after our trip tomorrow.

2022-11-25 at 17:18 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

The Little B's are slacking off on reporting are they? Perhaps they need a psychedelic wax job to motivate them.

Is there much for glade skiing up in the Rummel Lake area? I have noticed the forest up in that area has thinned over the decades.

2022-11-25 at 16:45 - comment by Mike W

Hi DAB - I'm definitely skiing, but the Little B's are doing most of the trip reporting. We're heading to Rummel Lake tomorrow. And I need to encourage the Little B's to post our trip report from Monday.
- Mike

2022-11-25 at 12:14 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Mike,

I think you are right about skiing with the planet Jupiter shining in the late day sky. After Jupiter came out there were a couple of other bright stars that also came out before it got dark. I believe one was Saturn and the other Mars. I hung out up in the meadows until well after dark for the star show and to catch the lighting on the spectacular mountains to the north.

Are you skiing these days Mike?

2022-11-24 at 12:31 - comment by Mike W

Probably Jupiter. Definitely not a satellite, which would have been noticeably moving.

"From November 14 to 28, 2022 ... Jupiter appears during evening twilight above the east-southeast horizon, culminates around 8 p.m. some 40 degrees above the southern horizon and vanishes in the west around 1:30 a.m."


PIPESTONE RIVER TO POINT CAMP MEADOWS- Wednesday afternoon/ night ski

Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Nov 24, 2022 at 00:37


Mr. Real Democracy on enjoyable 205 cm 60mm metal edge Madshus Voss skis.


Pipestone Blue 20 has improved slightly since Friday with a skiff of new snow. Fairly good to very good skiing on the double packed snowmobile trail. There is still the odd rock to look out for in a couple of sections. Hopefully 7cm of new snow falls soon so the trail can be trackset.

The Pipestone River trail is in fairly good to good condition. A few rocks and roots along with willows in some areas. A slight challenge getting across one of the creeks. With 7cm of new snow the trail will generally be in very good condition. I broke trail from where my binding broke last week to Point Camp Meadows.

The Pipestone River is freezing up well, but it has some open water yet. Up in Point Camp Meadows, where I had supper, the river ice was making all sorts of noises, like cracking noises and slamming ice chunks being forced under the river ice. The Point Camp meadows are fairly willowy. It will take 2 to 3 feet of wet snow and wind to bury the willows to make travel better. Very nice scenery after the sun went down. Great views with partly cloudy skies. There was an extremely bright star or satellite that was shining in the easterly sky well before dark which was so bright I nearly had to wear shades. Skied out of the meadows with my bright light on. There were some day old big Griz tracks in some areas, along with some tracks that were several days old on the trail. Glad to see these life forms are out.

Total distance: 30.00 Km


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