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2022-11-26 at 10:11 - comment by tmalaher

As mentioned elsewhere, I called the Banff Park info centre and they explained the process: the groomers email their reports to the info center. If the email arrives after the office closes at 5pm they don't update the web site until the office opens the next day at 9am, and maybe not right away if things are busy.

This is why everyone needs to email Parks Canada and push for them to get hooked up with https://nordic-pulse.com

Here are some addresses to try (addresses are scattered across many different web sites, and are inconsistent):

Nordic Pulse Live Grooming Reports

2022-11-26 at 08:35 - comment by RainerA

Curious that the grooming you saw Friday on Great Divide hasn't been reported on the Parks trail report as of 8:30 AM on Saturday

2022-11-26 at 07:46 - comment by Helen Read

Thank you Frances Dances, I like your style-tell it like it is. A bit too early for Fairview. Too bad the big dump of snow did not materialize. but hopefully the grooming finally happened on MLR and GD to refresh those two gems.

Chateau Lake Louise-Fairview-Moraine Lake Road-Upper Tramline-Peyto-Great Divide-Tramline-Village.

Report Submitted by Frances Dances
(trip) Date: Friday Nov 25, 2022

Submitted: Friday Nov 25, 2022 at 21:44


Skrastins Outdoor Club.


Fairview has been skier tracked. Two trees have fallen, the creek is open in places and various bridges have minimal coverage, including one bridge near the MLR start, that has slats that have been laid longitudinally and is basically wide open. Lack of grooming has made descents uneven and undulating. I was on the trail around 10:00 am and stickiness had not begun but it increased as the day wore on. I tried to do Peyto but like first attempts on Peyto in previous years it was difficult to find the trail and snow was sparse. I then tried the Great Divide. The groomer was just finishing rolling the trail . The snow was really sticking and after about 50 yards I turned around and I saw the groomer heading out again presumably to set the track. The trip down the Tramline to the Village had the advantage of gravity but I still had to scrape my skis at the end of each segment. My sweater, hat and gloves were sopping wet at the end of the trip. Despite the difficulties, the weather was very mild and this made for a nice day out.


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