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2022-11-27 at 08:30 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for not taking offence to my honest mistake Frances. One day we will meet on the trail and I’ll apologize again and again, offer to buy you a beer and that will be it.

You obviously have many years of skiing experience and a great eye for detail!

2022-11-27 at 06:05 - comment by Frances Dances

Re: Chuck, I did not realize until after I had set my "handle" that I had used the female "Frances" rather than the male "Francis" but then thought " what the heck it is just a handle. I challenged Chuck to do some detective work last year and I see that he has "got the goods"! Re: Skier Rogers "mistake", I have not come across it yet, but I am willing to cut him the utmost slack for all the work he does here. As far as "negative" reports go, I urge readers not to use reports for not going but instead as a guide for doing the trip themselves. Remember, the reporter has had the adventure.

2022-11-26 at 17:49 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for the education, Chuck. I'm always learning things from you!

And my heartfelt apologies to Frances Dances for my mistake. I'll fix it right up...

2022-11-26 at 17:43 - comment by Chuck

That first machine is 'Flat Packing'.
Thanks to Frances Dances for HIS very factual report yesterday!

Much better Day at Lake Louise!

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Saturday Nov 26, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Nov 26, 2022 at 17:00


Just me today.
Jody recovering from blisters on her feet.


Thanks to Frances Dances and JoLynn for yesterday's reports on the less than stellar conditions at Lake Louise. Frances Dances with his factual, concise information and JoLynn with her breezy take on things: Nice to see both styles in our reports

Bottom line is yesterday's conditions were just horrible. But that was yesterday. This is today...

It was -7 degrees at 9:45 as I arrived at Moraine Lake Road. The parking lot was jammed full, so I drove to the upper parking lot and rode Tramline down to Moraine Lake Road. The conditions were just great today. It's amazing how a few degrees of cooling can improve the conditions so much.

I skied past a trio of groomers who left the trail in immaculate condition.

On the return, I turned left and returned via Fairview. Our tracks from yesterday had nearly disappeared from the snow dump but the skiing was so much more enjoyable today - my skis were actually gliding!

Many thanks to these dedicated groomers who shot past, one after another.

Enjoying the refurbished tracksetting on Moraine Lake Road.

Minimal bridge coverage on Fairview as mentioned by Frances Dances

One of 2 trees down on Fairview


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