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2022-12-13 at 18:36 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy MaSid,

I am kind of in the same spot. I bought new Alpina Montana boots and after 4 days of skiing the sewing started to blow out. I returned them and returned to skiing on my old Montana boots with mega size holes because nothing else was available to fit my wide feet. MEC has Alpina Alaskans, but they are leather. I don't want to maintain leather xc boots. That seems nuts to me in this day and age.

Rossignol boots seem to be a problem for durability. My sister bought a pair 2 years ago and the sole started to peel off. She took them to a shoe maker who re-glued them and put screws in them to better hold the soles. Now she is getting screws in her foot. Better than in her head I guess.

The only tip I have for you is Spry. They may have boots for you. Check out there website:


You will likely have to drive several hours as they are located in Blairmore. If you don't like the boots after wearing them at home, it would be a terrible trip to return them.

If you take a trip to the Spry, try some skiing down there and give us a report. May I recommend Coal Mountain? It looks like it could be skiable. I looked into old topo maps 30 years ago to see if it was viable for a ski area. I never did check it out in person. The contours look good though and it is in a snow belt on the great divide.

There are also xc trails in the Crowsnest that could be sampled.

2022-12-12 at 13:32 - comment by MaSid

Will do Mike. But I’m sure it will be fine. I trust Steve and his extensive adhesive/repair experience. (-; It’ll get done tonight and tested later this week. The only real issue is if enough flex in the cold.

2022-12-12 at 10:02 - comment by Mike W

MaSid - Please let me know how it goes. It will be a few weeks before I have a chance to repair my boots.

2022-12-12 at 07:24 - comment by MaSid

An excellent solution Steve! Didn’t occur to me to go that route, and we even have some down at the shop. Two thumbs up.

2022-12-11 at 19:45 - comment by SteveR

I've repaired quite a few boots both hiking and skiing, using PL Premium construction adhesive, with great results. $9 for a lifetime supply (but it will harden in the tube before that) at any home improvement store. Very high strength, bonds to almost everything other than polyethylene, moisture cure so no solvent fumes, waterproof. The usual prep applies-read directions, physically remove any old adhesive, rough up smooth surfaces if possible, clean again, mask any areas that you might not want "squeeze out" on, plan how you are going to clamp pieces in place for 24 hours (I've always used tape), work adhesive as deep into the "wound" as possible on both surfaces. Oh yeah- don't get this stuff on your hands- it's a polyurethane adhesive that also bonds very well with your skin, and is tough to remove if you don't get to it quickly with a solvent.

Edit to add: As much as I like to buy local, there was nothing available locally or even in Canada in my size when my old Alpina 1500's bit the dust for good (they were just completely worn out). I found a replacement online at Backcountry.com in Salt Lake City- the previous years Alpina 1550 model, for a very good discount. I can't speak to how much shipping or customs charges might be, as I picked them up in person in SLC on our way to the desert in October.

Make sure that you get the "Premium"! Other varieties such as PL 400 are nowhere near as suitable.

2022-12-11 at 19:29 - comment by MaSid

Mike, I’m likely to just use the 6000 again, as it lasted for 2 seasons. My delamination was quite far back the first time (also rossi’s, but probabiy 5 yrs old+). The cause was wet snow/ice building up under front of foot while touring off trail in the spring, forcing the boot upper away from the sole. After a good long time to dry out, I peeled it back a bit more to almost half way (easier to bend further away from the thicker toe) which allowed enough access to squeeze in a good heap of glue. Then clamped it with gorilla tape on the toe front, with stretchy orange ski straps and bungee cords around ball of foot area and instep. Then let it sit for 24-36 hrs. I was shocked that it held the next time I skied. glad the repair lasted 2 years. However, will try to find some new boots and keep the twice fixed rossi’s as a back up. E6000 can be purchased at Home Depot.

2022-12-11 at 17:48 - comment by Mike W

The uppers of my brand new Rossignol BC X6 boots are separating from the sole - see photo. Not sure if this happened on the first or second day of skiing with them! Pretty typical of prices spiralling up while quality spirals down. I can return them to MEC, but they have no others in stock and the model is discontinued. I'd have to pay about double for a suitable replacement. So I might try to repair them, and return them later if the repair doesn't hold. I've never repaired a boot upper / sole delamination, but the products I'm familiar with are Shoe Goo or Freesole (now called Aquseal+SR to improve confusion). The latter is available from MEC. Check their website for a description and product reviews. The former is available at Canadian Tire or Marks ($2 cheaper there than CT, even though they're owned by CT). More reviews on those websites. Shoe Goo seems more designed to rebuild worn areas than as an adhesive to reattach parts. Sounds like Aquaseal+SR is commonly used to reattach uppers to soles. It's roughly the same price but you only get 1/4 the product volume.

MaSid - The E6000 reviews look similar to Aquaseal+SR, so not sure if the latter would be better. How did you do the repair? Did you pull apart the upper and sole to get good access to the surfaces? Or did you squeeze the E6000 into the crack between the two parts?

Boot sole delamination tips?

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 11, 2022

Submitted: Sunday Dec 11, 2022 at 15:26


Had to cut my ski short today before I tore off the whole sole of my boot. Fixed it once 2 years ago maybe, and the same boot gave out again. Can’t have that happen in the middle of a big trip or I’ll be skiing home one legged like Mr. Democracy. Anyone got a better suggestion for glue other than E6000? That’s what I used last time.

Other than that, a chilly morning at WBC, starting out at 930 to -18. Warming hut came in handy for getting geared up.


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