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2022-12-15 at 10:55 - comment by SkierRoger

I think that's an excellent suggestion Arie!

I'll get on it.

2022-12-15 at 09:21 - comment by Arie

Goat Creek trailhead on the Canmore side is indeed closed until Dec 31 for construction
Roger - how about creating a page on this site that lists closures? For example, last year the upper Taylor valley was closed due to a hibernating bear. Prior to that we had utility work on Baker Creek. Closures like this are easy to miss, and it would be very helpful to have a page with current closures.

2022-12-15 at 08:49 - comment by Jen Journeau

We parked in the lot past the Banff Springs hotel and skied out and back from there. I believe the Canmore end parking lot is still closed for construction.

2022-12-15 at 08:48 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Jen,

The governments are cranking up prices without public input undemocratically while cutting services. Being soaked by soaking in the Banff Springs Pool is just the beginning. Wait until they start charging for parking or xc skiing. Expect Park gate price increases in the near future as the government milks the people to pay for excessive over spending.

The UCP put a $20/ night fee for random camping in the eastern slopes last year plus the UCP Kananaskis Country tax fee just for walking in the hills. This is while running the biggest surplus in decades and shows the government is taxing the xxxx out of us unnecessarily to shift wealth to their friends in corporations to clean up abandoned wells, support carbon capture and to clean up your wallet.

The time for skiers to push real democracy is now, The oligarchy governments are out of control like an incompetent beginner xc skier on the Brewster Creek Trail hills on an icy spring day without metal ski edges. It is all crazy and undemocratic!

2022-12-15 at 08:14 - comment by CheersCarol

Where did you park and shuttle for Goat Creek ski?

Goat Creek with return by the golf course

Report Submitted by Jen Journeau
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 14, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 14, 2022 at 22:57


Gerald and Jen


Beautiful day out on the goat creek trail! Sunny skies appeared in the afternoon and the fresh snow made even the scary hill/bridge section doable.
We like to go for a soak in the Banff hot springs when we have time, so ended our day there. Everyone should be aware of the coming huge price increase for entry to the pool - prices are doubling starting in January. Now is a good time to buy yourself a book of ten tickets as they don’t expire. Isn’t it ironic that the hot springs, which were the impetus for the creating national parks to protect special places for all to enjoy, are being made less available to all with this huge price hike. Disappointing.

Total distance: 24.00 Km


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