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2022-12-16 at 18:49 - comment by SkierRoger

Better a broken ski pole than a broken you...

All I want for Christmas is a new ski pole.

Report Submitted by Septuagenarians
(trip) Date: Friday Dec 16, 2022

Submitted: Friday Dec 16, 2022 at 17:25


Two of us.


All I want for Christmas is a new ski pole. Luckily I do not need a new front tooth or any other body part repairs.

Wonderful conditions at WBC today. We skied West Crystal, Mountain View, Mountain Road and Mountain View West.

Coming back from the high point on Mountain View West, the overly adventurous (foolhardy) half of the Septuagenarians raced down the cold hard packed snow at full speed. At the tight turn at the bottom he started to drift toward the outside edge and gave a mighty jab with his pole to stay on the groomed portion of the trail. This worked, but the pole gave out and bent into a perfect V shape. Of course, it snapped into two pieces when we tried to bend it back.

He made it back to the parking lot, firing on 3 of 4 cylinders. We picked up a spare set of poles and went back out for some more great skiing before the cold snap sets in.

The parking lot was quite full with lots of folks enjoying the near zero temperatures.

Total distance: 21.00 Km

All I want for Christmas is a new ski pole.

Mountain Road

Mountain Road, and Mountain View West was this good as well.


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