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2022-12-22 at 21:18 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Yo Ma,

I have been searching for reviews on the Madshus Glitterland Boots. There is not lots out there but people do seem to like them.

They have changed these boots over the years. Only one reviewer talked about how the inner liner pulls out when the boot is pulled out. I don't know if he was talking about the older model though.

People seemed to be reasonably impressed with the telemark turning ability in powder snow. They like the control of the boots off and on trail. They are more ridged than many boots.

Although people like the built in gator, I have reservations about it myself. I have never used gators and I am concerned that my 1994 fleece MEC ski pants would have to go inside of them. My fleece pants go over the top of my boots and keep snow out perfectly. I worry how comfortable my fleece pants will be inside the gator. In deep snow, if the gator has any gap, snow will get into the boot.

I called Norseman tonight and they said they are still waiting for their NNNBC boots. When I asked when they would arrive, they told me they were expecting them in mid September. I asked if that was mid September 2023 and got a chuckle and answer- who knows.

2022-12-16 at 20:01 - comment by MaSid

Thanks Gord. I think the other learning for me is not buying a Rossi boot again. Too many reports of sole delamination. Anyone have a pair of these and can report on quality, comfort, fit, warmth?

The word on the web is they are stiffer than the rossi BC X10, and a bit less than the Alpina Alaska.

2022-12-16 at 19:25 - comment by Gord F

I use PL Construction Adhesive for lots of building projects but for shoes and outdoor gear I recommend Gear Aid Aquaseal. It's a thick urethane that's super tough and stays flexible. You can get it at MEC in the shoe repair section I believe. It stays stuck to whatever you use it on. I use it for rips in Goretex, worn seams on gloves, and boot rips and tears.
Good luck with your boot repair, I hope it holds.


Elk pass area: testing the sole

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Friday Dec 16, 2022

Submitted: Friday Dec 16, 2022 at 19:12


-12 to start at 9 from the elk pass lot and -9 on return at 4. Probably didn’t get much warmer than -15 in the meadows with misty clouds, no sun and a brisk wind in the morning. Felt like -20. West elk meadows had variable conditions, with ankle to knee trail breaking (LT gear) to the hydroline. Slow going trying not to sweat. Manky snow with a breakable buried wind crust and facets above and below. The road under the power line down to the hut has been plowed again with thin snow cover for skiers. Snow was not good for cutting blocks, so no snowfa construction today, just a tiny wind wall at the lunch log spot and some compaction at couch HQ. 2.5 ft of snow at the border. It’ll be even more rotten in another week unless we get some significant snow or winds to create another crust. Sunny on the way back through west elk. Returned via elk pass and hydroline to refresh the track through Patterson meadows. More mid-calf to knee leg presses. Piston bully was starting up elk pass on return to car.

The repaired sole delamination (using PL Premium construction adhesive) held up fine on day one of testing. Some learnings: 1) using too much tape for clamping May delay the air curing process. After pulling the tape (24 hrs) there was a small uncured section and had to wait another day to ski; 2) there will be squeeze out, tape appropriately and the excess can be carefully removed with a sharp knife; 3) given the above points together, allow for 2 days.

Not much protection from this pile of hastily shovelled snow.

More tape, less mess, more time.


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