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2022-12-24 at 09:46 - comment by Sara M

In the fall, I picked up a pair of Rossi boots. This was before people started talking about the sole delamination issue. They fit me perfectly, so hopefully they don't fall apart right away! I wore those boots for this adventure.
The Montanas are too big, but they only sell them in full sizes and 39 was too small. My feet overheat quite easily, so I don't double-sock. I've tried them with the thickest socks I own, and it's too warm and the boots are still too big. I bought those boots because in the initial Covid shortage of everything, they were all that was available and I really wanted to ski.

2022-12-21 at 23:26 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Hey Frosty the Snow Woman,

Did you use your Montana boots or others on your ski/hike adventure?

You mentioned the Montana's give you heel blisters and foot cramps. The heel blisters suggest poor heel hold down or heel movement. That sounds like a size problem. Are your boots too big? Do you where double socks?

You also mentioned you used a different insole. Did you put it on top of the existing foot bed or did you pull out the original and put in another foot bed?

Foot cramps are often from bad arches or boots too big or too small that they "crush" your foot.

2022-12-21 at 21:42 - comment by MaSid

Cudos on the effort and perseverance in such temps, wind and location. A cold upper valley for sure. But also why it can be a good option after an upslope dump, on a warmer day even. It’s rarely really good over top, or south.

Solstice Shenanigans - Powderface Ridge

Report Submitted by Sara M
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 21, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 21, 2022 at 21:09


a very frosty Sara


I skied up Powderface Creek to Powderface Ridge today. Great LT conditions below treeline - lots of snow and a narrow packed trail from hikers. Above treeline, not so much! Very thin layer of snow over grass and rocks. As to be expected in a dry December! I initially hoped to traverse the ridge and return to the HWY66 gate on the closed road, but I got tired of carrying my skis over the rocks so I turned around after the northern high point. The ski back down was fast and fun! -30 when I started skiing and a balmy -25 when I returned to the car.

Total distance: 19.00 Km

packed trail with some fresh snow on top

it's cold and dark in the valley...

cold and sunny on the ridge!


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