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2022-12-24 at 17:18 - comment by MaSid

Need to crank up the heat a bit on the fire to get rid of the beard frost (-;

2022-12-24 at 08:09 - comment by Helen Read

What a perfect post to open on Christmas Eve! And terrific photo of you Bob. Yes, nostalgia has many of us missing the "old" Pocaterra. I often get confused at a few of those 4 way junctions, so if you see orange ribbon at some of them, I put it there to remind myself which way I did the figure of eight. I miss seeing the moose laying down in those willows. You timed your ski perfectly!

Pocaterra - a nice early Christmas present

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Friday Dec 23, 2022

Submitted: Friday Dec 23, 2022 at 21:59


I was waiting, waiting, waiting for the temperature to warm up before heading out today. My original plan was to ski at Ribbon Creek and I arrived there at 1 pm.

The temperature was -15 but the wind was howling and I could see drifted snow in this morning's tracksetting. What did I decide to do? Keep Going.

I continued down Hwy 40 to PLPP. The wind was blowing until I turned off the highway to Pocaterra Hut. At the hut I was greeted with -17 but the air was calm and the sky was partly sunny.

I started skiing from the hut on yesterday's tracksetting which was covered with a dusting of icing sugar. It was beautiful.

I made it as far as the Packers junction on good conditions. The trail report mentions the trail is only partially trackset but I would say that it was 99% trackset where it would normally be trackset. There were a few places where the snowcat tracks were showing but it wasn't an issue. There was no exposed ground.

The internet is working at the hut and so is the fireplace.

The iconic Pocaterra photo

Pocaterra at 3K

With warmer temperatures over the next few days, this picnic table along Pocaterra should be busy with skiers having lunch.

"Old" Pocaterra trail is down there. I miss it.

There is a 4-lane training grid at the hut.

It's sure nice to have the hut's fireplace on these cold days.


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