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2022-12-24 at 15:54 - comment by Chuck

Now that's a much better photo of Chris and Karl... Thanks Chuckley

Silk Gliding on Spray Loop

Report Submitted by chuckley
(trip) Date: Saturday Dec 24, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Dec 24, 2022 at 14:06


Karl & Chris


Spray West and Spray East in superb condition with yesterdays 2-3 cm snow over well established track set.
Two tracks on Spray West. One Track on Spray East.
-11C at 9:30am. First on trail rewarded us with meeting a curious pine marten and later seeing a young deer.
Great to see Chuck & Jeanette out after the cold snap.

Total distance: 13.60 Km

Spray East was beautiful!

December 23 adventure in COLD on Cascade Fire Road . By comparison December 24 was a temperate treat.


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