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2022-12-24 at 19:07 - comment by MaSid

Hilarious! Good timing, but didn’t realize it was you. Thanks for the final link.

2022-12-24 at 17:59 - comment by SteveR

That must have been you who broke trail to within 10m of Mountainview West and then returned the same way. Curious about that as we skied by- I left the groomer briefly and finished the job for you! That was the only off-trail of our day as we were on the skinny sticks enjoying the superb conditions on the trackset trails.

2022-12-24 at 17:13 - comment by MaSid

But which one to choose for myself?

2022-12-24 at 17:06 - comment by MaSid

Seem to be having some technical issues adding more than one photo at a time?

Plenty enough snow in open areas

WBC: off trail wanderings

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Saturday Dec 24, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Dec 24, 2022 at 16:59


A pleasant surprise to arrive at 930 with -4 temp. You could feel the pent up sweat coming on! Nice to run into Ernie and gang early on. Meant to stick to the tracks, but couldn’t resist the meadows with the promise of some late morning sun and freshies, getting into the west meadow horse trail early. The ski packers had been doing there work, so had to venture further for the powder (between Tom snow and mountain view west). Packed some old tracks, extended a few and blazed some new stuff. About 1.5 ft in openish meadows with a good base and ankle to boot top snow. Managed to get a decent track in from Tom snow all the way to mountain view west without much bush wacking. Thin under the bigger trees of the forest, but minimal to link meadows. Good travel. Stickage on Tom snow (good tracks) after about 1230, so back to the main drag, finishing on mountain view, west crystal, loggers, east crystal and a Christmas shopping visit with trail hosts Steve and Michelle. Good times.

West meadow


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