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2022-12-27 at 11:07 - comment by MaSid

Likewise Alf. Hopefully you find it today before any new snow!

2022-12-27 at 09:24 - comment by Alf Skrastins

Good to see you yesterday. The temperature only got warmer in the afternoon... and then it rained a bit. My ski adventure resulted in me losing my iPhone. I'm sure it won't be found by any XC skiers, because I was skiing on Long Distance trail when I last had the phone.

2022-12-26 at 17:50 - comment by SteveR

Good call starting early! We got underway at about 11:30 and had decent skiing on the core trails for the first while on purple wax, but by the time we hit Iron Springs, temps had skyrocketed past 10 degrees. After a couple rounds of rewaxing that were only marginally successful (other than in picking up needles!) we bailed back to the core trails again which were generally much cleaner, and with somewhat better grip thanks to overnight grooming. Eventually though, the sun popped out and we decided- enough is enough- and we finished the day with a late lunch in the warm sun outside the trail centre. A big change from the perfect skiing on Christmas Eve. A snowy refresh is badly needed now!

WBC: morning moose loop

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Monday Dec 26, 2022

Submitted: Monday Dec 26, 2022 at 13:02


-2 @ sunrise. Cool enough to check out moose CCW. Fair amount of needles and other debris in forested areas on the way in. Reasonable in open areas on moose loop. South side descent has some icy track bases in a few spots. Lots of ski lifting to not catch the fish scales. Lots of pockets of warm air swirling about with the cooler aspects by mid morning and +6ish back at the car about lunch time.


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