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2022-12-28 at 23:39 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Chuck,

That was a pretty funny "Sundance- I'd prefer a snow dance!" headline you made. Classic. It looks like the deer was laughing at that one in your picture as well.

That deer picture was quick camera action. Usually it takes a camera hanging around the neck, like a pro photojournalist, to capture a close up picture like that. Congrats.

Having fast access to a camera is the way to capture extraordinary pictures. That is why pro photojournalists never carry them in their cases and always hang them around their neck for quick pics so they don't lose the shot. Sometimes that shot is the shot of the lifetime.

SUNDANCE - I'd prefer a Snow Dance!

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 28, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 28, 2022 at 16:16


Poor conditions, and wind swept in places.

Snow drifts to deal with along the Bow River

Some even had difficulty finding the trailhead!

Lots of wildlife

enjoy the warm weather, while we have it!


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