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2022-12-30 at 13:08 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

There is absolutely no need for Nordic Pulse to be involved in anything in Banff. They would just push to privatize things and this would suck up more tax dollars. Why pay more and push people out of Banff like what has occurred with the UCP Kananaskis Country entrance tax fee that was pushed by Conservative Nordic skiing groups?

If you need an update on cross country ski conditions in Banff go to:


Parks Canada updates its website when they trackset although they under rate trail ski conditions often.

The only reason why Redearth is not trackset is because of the Banff Superintendent who makes the decisions. We need a new Superintendent who XC skis regularly. Contract the Minister of Environment about complaints as the Superintendent does not care to listen and that person does not want to be contacted about squat. I get better communications when I go through the Minister of Environment's office when I have a complaint. At least I can contact the Minister directly at:


Redearth Trail to campground: Wish Banff/Lk Louise/Yoho would adopt Nordic Pulse!!!

Report Submitted by Helen Read
(trip) Date: Thursday Dec 29, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Dec 29, 2022 at 17:54


I pulled a "Normand" and went by myself up Redearth


There is a good chance Redearth will be packed down today or tomorrow (at the very least) before New Year's Eve revellers want to get up to Shadow Lk Lodge. I found the snow pretty nice, leaving parking lot at 9:30 in -6. Got brave and tried a new wax: SkiGo HF +1 to -3 (all types of snow). It worked very well and the snow was very nice, only encountering "scrunchies" i.e. bit of snow on top of crunchies, min areas under a few trees and where new bridge has detour through forest and a low volume of snow. I met one couple who were coming out on snowshoes from camping up at Lost Horse Creek campground last night. Their SS trail was much preferred to their initial boot trail, and they were pulling a sled. Time prevented me from skiing up to the Warden's cabin, but the snow beyond was tempting me. I kept hoping I'd hear the Lodge staff coming up on a snowmobile groomer but no such luck. Managed to snowplow those couple of tricky turns on descent, and live to ski another day.

Total distance: 16.00 Km


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