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2022-12-30 at 12:54 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Hi GH,

If you need trail conditions go the Parks Canada website for trail conditions. See below. There is no need to pay a 3rd party to do trail conditions as that would be a waste of tax dollars. Nordic Pulse would just push to privatize things in Banff and then we would have to pay more . This would make it too expensive for the less wealthy to xc ski and push people out of Banff, just like what has occurred with the UCP Kananaskis Country entrance tax fee.


Although Parks Canada often under rates the xc skiing conditions, they are up to date on tracksetting.

Tramline and Great Divide

Report Submitted by gh
(trip) Date: Thursday Dec 29, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Dec 29, 2022 at 20:28


just me


Tramline was groomed/trackset yesterday. The divide was done this morning. Conditions were good this morning on Tramline and good all day on the divide. The grooming is "soft" so travel was relatively slow. Walkers had done quite a bit of damage on Tramline by late in the afternoon.

As Helen remarked in her report, it sure would be nice if Banff / Yoho would use Nordic Pulse for up to date reports.

I finished the day with some skiing on the night trails at CNC. Great conditions there.

Total distance: 33.50 Km


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