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2023-01-06 at 16:30 - comment by Mike Nozdryn-Pl

Well, MaSid, you seem to have inadvertently started a political discussion of sorts. I love your ski reports as well as those by our good friend Mr Democratize. Have to confess though that I don't think he and I see eye to eye on politics.

2023-01-05 at 21:37 - comment by MaSid

To be perfectly clear, my only purpose posting this is to help fellow skiers who may encounter similar issues to find ways of dealing with it effectively, just like we report on conditions for our fellow skiers, help them make ski decisions. There is no other purpose or agenda. Just information. Not a debate. Not a platform. Perhaps some opinions on issues relevant to skiing, but that’s it.

2023-01-05 at 11:46 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Masid,

Thanks for your report.

I wonder if anyone has been caught in Kananaskis Country without ever paying for a UCP Kananaskis Country entrance tax fee pass and what they faced for a penalty.

In a legalized real democracy, the people will democratically decide if they want to pay a tax to walk on Kananaskis crown lands that they own, rather than having some anti-democratic oligarchic political party leader making such a decision.

Democratize AB


Make way for real democracy. This is how we get more free parks in Alberta that the UCP rejects.

Kananaskis Conservation Pass: offence ticket update

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Thursday Jan 05, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Jan 05, 2023 at 10:37


Offence date: Oct 18, 2022 (no conservation pass).
My pass had expired 2 weeks prior (no email notification due to purchase in person and not being offered a reminder option). Purchased a new pass immediately thereafter, again in person, and also got them to provide an email notification prior to expiry.
Court Date: Dec 1, 2022 (pleaded not guilty and a new court date to be set).
Shortly thereafter was advised of a new court date to make my case on March 23, 2023.
On Dec 15, 2022: Advised in writing by Alberta Forestry, Parks and Tourism that the violation ticket had been cancelled due to technical issues, no further explanation, no name/person, no contact info and didn’t even look like official government letterhead.

My take on it is that there was no desire on the part of the government department (or the private corporation doing enforcement) to have to stand up in court and defend their actions and the particular regulation and methodology as it would be a threat to its existence or bad press. During the process of trying to plead not guilty, turned out that things were not normal, the violation/regulation is a bylaw offence, not a typical legislative regulation such as a traffic offence, etc. I’m guessing the whole thing is a bit dubious and possibly not quite up to legal standards. The only question now is whether the courts were advised of the ticket cancellation. No follow up by Alberta Courts to that affect so far.

So, if you get a ticket not realizing your annual pass had expired and you get a violation fine (which is double to cost of an annual pass), immediately buy a new annual pass, plead not guilty in writing before the date indicated (avoiding an in person court appearance to do so in lieu of meeting timelines), and you will likely get a cancellation notification. And ensure your annual pass has an email reminder of expiry option.


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