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2023-01-05 at 23:36 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

My recommendation reguarding the lack of tracsetting up Redearth is as follows. When skiers on the trail meet Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) employees give them a polite earful about the crappy lack of service the ACC management is doing in reguards to tracksetting early in the season. Ask them to push ACC management to provide a reasonable public service and trackset the trail whenever the ACC drives a snowmobile down the trail.

A letter campaign to ACC would also be a good idea along with Parks Canada and the Minister of Environment who is in charge of Parks Canada.

It would be nice to know who signs the lousy leases with the corporate lodge operators in Banff. (That would require some investigating or a Freedom of Information request through the government.) That person is not doing a good public service by signing on the dotted line without ensuring tracksetting occurs all season long on the trails the corporations use.

If the ACC has can drive a snowmobile to the Shadow Lake Lodge in their off season, then they can damn well trackset the trail as well (most of the time they drive down the trail). There is no excuse not to other than being lazy, cheap or just poor or uncaring planners.

If the people were in control of the government through a process of real democracy, or rule by the people, you can bet that the people would ensure that the corporations that have the privilege (as opposed to right) to operate in Banff would provide a superior public service or they would be punted out of the Parks.

We don't need the ACC to operate a business up at Shadow Lake Lodge. Parks Canada could take over the operation and make it a low budget operation where more economically disenfranchised people would have the opportunity to utilize the cabins. We just have to look at Egypt Hut or Bryant Creek Hut to get an example of that.

Power to the skiers, not the corporations.

Democratize AB and Canada as Banff is federal jurisdiction.

Legalize Real Democracy Party (.ca)

2023-01-05 at 22:30 - comment by MaSid

I suspect that the “lodge” will still be bringing in food and supplies to the location on a regular basis (by smowmobile) once they get going. Whether they do so in a manner that doesn’t affect cross country ski access is the question. Presumably parks should be applying a standard if they are doing the tracksetting themselves or requiring it as part of the lease. Sure would be nice to know what that arrangement is or if they care or not about their trails and access beyond a single facility.

2023-01-05 at 22:03 - comment by Helen Read

Really appreciate your trip report. I was planning a ski there tomorrow but got the sense the grooming/track-setting was not going to happen, so changed our destination to Spray Bridge. I used to love skiing up to the Redearth Warden's Cabin, but it seems whoever is responsible to do the grooming, is keeping it a secret if/when it will ever get done. Last date recorded on Banff Trail report is Dec 13th? One would think that it will get done for incoming guests to the lodge this w/e??? It would be fabulous as it has enough snow.

Shadow Lake Lodge

Report Submitted by Dj
(trip) Date: Thursday Jan 05, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Jan 05, 2023 at 19:39


A Ernewein


-15C at 930am. Not yet trackset. Lots of snow, solid base. Followed the snowmobile track all the way to the lodge. The lovely staff allowed me to warm up with a coffee when I arrived.

Overcast, no snow. Warmed up to -8 by return to parking lot.

No debris on the avalanche run outs.


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