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2023-01-06 at 17:17 - comment by chuckley

Perfect report.
Karl and I were there too.
Patterson downhill was heavenly with 2 cm fresh snow on groom.
Further comment that Boulton Creek is also in very good shape considering very little new snow at lower elevation.
No complaints here!

Skier Bob special at PLPP

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Friday Jan 06, 2023

Submitted: Friday Jan 06, 2023 at 15:09


Amelie and me


What a beautiful PLPP day! I didn’t know exactly what to expect based on trip reports and grooming reports, but it turned out that the PLPP trails were in much better shape than I expected overall. The Whiskey Jack climb was a bit slick in a few places, but not too bad and most of the tracks were good. Tyrwhitt was absolutely beautiful as usual, and the snow seemed pretty ideal. Same with Elk Pass… The snow seemed a bit softer there, and it was a fast (but not too fast) descent. Fox creek had some debris, but the tracks were better than I expected, and Moraine was pretty good too. The car said -4 when we arrived at about 10 AM and +3 when we returned at about 1:30, although it felt a bit cooler than that to me. Amelie’s wax skis did pretty well, especially climbing WJ, but she struggled a bit with the debris on Fox Creek. My fish scales were good all around. Have a great ski weekend everybody!

Total distance: 18.00 Km


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