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2023-01-08 at 12:54 - comment by MaSid

Treed areas back there currently provide some mankier travel opportunities compared to open areas. The fat skis might be best, which would also make descending the hydroline away from the plowed road easier. The Elkan drainage route heading north toward west elk pass pops out to the current skier set track through west elk at the fork in the meadow, about a km from the border.

2023-01-07 at 08:37 - comment by Gord F

I haven't been down to Elk Cabin this season but it looks like it might be tough skiing down the hydroline. Although it isn't great for the downhill ski in to the cabin, I recommend returning up through the trees following Elkan Creek, (generally). You do need skins for this but it's a much more aesthetic way out from Elk Cabin. You come out in the meadows just east of MaSid's couch. There is an old trail in there, but in the past we have just followed a gps map. I suppose the other consideration is the shallow snowpack this year. Could make for extra bushwhacking.

PLPP Quiet Day

Report Submitted by Karl B
(trip) Date: Friday Jan 06, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Jan 07, 2023 at 07:14


Me and Chucky


We arrived at Boulton Creek Bridge Parking at about 10:30 with the temp at minus 7. Only 4 cars in the lot... very few people out today. Skied up Whiskey Jack which was hard packed. I needed to extend my grip zone using extra blue wax to reduce the slipping going up hill. We met the sun on Thwitt and a small amount of new snow maybe 1 cm. At Elk Pass the Sun was replaced with Fog. I looked over the pass towards Elk Creek Cabin to check on conditions as we are staying there in 2 weeks. The Road is all ploughed up as you can see from my foggy photo. Maybe someone will make a new ski trail before we go. Down Hydroline and Patterson which was fast but because of that little bit of new snow we could easy control our speed. Fox Creek back to Boulton was even more fun. There was some debris but not much to worry about. Over a great day at PLPP.

Total distance: 18.00 Km

My Foggy picture of the ploughed up Trail from Elk Pass down to the Cabin.


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