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2023-01-08 at 19:46 - comment by SkierRoger

It's great to have you back, ulrikeski. Now we get to see more of those fantastic pictures!

2023-01-08 at 19:43 - comment by ulrikeski

Hi Roger: thanks for the feedback. My photos are jpg format. The problem appears when trying to type something in the comment boxes, i.e. distance skied, caption for a photo... then it fail's to submit. Cheers,

2023-01-08 at 14:09 - comment by SkierRoger

Hi ulrikeski

I just increased the website's max picture size to 40 MB for a single image. Hopefully that helps with your uploading problem. Acceptable file formats are: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, heif, heic, wmf and tif.

Not sure what file format you're using but jpeg or jpg are most common amongst other users.

2023-01-08 at 08:40 - comment by ulrikeski

The Smith Dorrien Road was mostly fine, some icy and bumpy parts and thin snow cover.
For some unknown reason I haven't been able to post a report on this site for a while. I tried this report with minimal entry. I didn't take many photos at Mt. Shark as I was trying hard to keep up with my husband and daughter. They fly down the hills and step around the corners at high speed.

2023-01-07 at 21:35 - comment by Chuck

Glad to hear from you Ulrike, but how was the road, and how about some of you usual wonderful pictures?

2023-01-07 at 16:16 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks ulrikeski.

It's great to see Mount Shark is finally seeing some traffic.

Shark fast, fun, popular

Report Submitted by ulrikeski
(trip) Date: Saturday Jan 07, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Jan 07, 2023 at 14:42


We had a blast at Mt. Shark following the stars, i.e. Hercules, Virgo, Orion, Pegasus etc. with our skate skis on well groomed trails. Lots of skiers on the trails, fast downhills steep climbs, always a scenic place. THANK YOU tracksetters!


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