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2023-01-11 at 23:28 - comment by MaSid

Probably won’t need any packing tomorrow Helene. Should be in pristine ready to use shape. But maybe not as sunny as today. Pack in the back, foamy in the front. Couch depth and back wall is designed for this configuration. Maximum comfort and lounging/reclining without contacting snow and enjoying the view. Enjoy! You might even see Bob there.

Bring your own cushion

2023-01-11 at 20:01 - comment by Helene

THANK YOU MaSid! Your snofas are the best!! Will pack it down if I make it to Fairview tomorrow. Thanks again... having a sunny spot to lunch and enjoy the scenery is a real treat. My visitor friends are always blown away whenever I take them to one of your works of art. Cheers!

There’s a new snowfa in louise-town

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jan 11, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Jan 11, 2023 at 18:17


With plenty of room for more! -15 to start at 830 in the train station lot at the base of tramline. -10 on return at 330. Tramline and Fairview in great shape. Glad the heritage guides flat packed the snowfa zone, otherwise it wouldn’t have got done. Anything outside the packing produced lousy blocks. What I did harvest is pretty much now down to ground. Shallow faceted snow pack (don’t step off the trail!). Did the bow river loop on return. Shallow and a bit twiggy in places but not so bad. One dirty bit on the final leg back to the train station on the NW side. And the best part of course was running into Bob, Cheryl and Susie while enjoying the last bit of sun (bring your foamy tomorrow bob, or zip down to Wilson’s to get one).

The snowfa needs some love (and ski bums in seats) to keep it alive. Snow in the forecast. Pack down the whole seat if you can, using spare mitts or your pack. Intermittent trees shadows until 1230, then it’s full on sun, until it ain’t.

Beauty sunrise over pipestone.

The fair view. Look left for the better view.


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