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2023-01-12 at 19:05 - comment by Helen Read

Mary, Hydroline will never be the same to me after reading your incredible imagery:
"Most of the way down, it felt like I was on a moving sidewalk at the airport." Your English teachers must have loved to have you in their classes, and likely at the head of the class.

A dream and a scream! - Blueberry, Elk Pass and Hydroline

Report Submitted by Mary
(trip) Date: Thursday Jan 12, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Jan 12, 2023 at 16:35


Ray and I


We started at Elk parking (-6C) and skied up Fox Creek, which has good tracks, but a lot of debris. Beware the evil little cones that jump up and grab onto the bottom of your skies! I think Blueberry is my all-time favourite trail for the sheer overwhelming beauty of the snow on the trees, and the fast, fun descent. The trees were heavily laden with ice cream snow, and they soared majestically into the sky. It was enough to take your breath away! Blueberry was a dream going up and a scream coming down. No one was in the chutes as we descended which made for fast, fun skiing. We skied up to Elk Pass and then came down Hydroline, with Ray splitting off to ski Patterson and Elk, while I continued down Hydroline. The little pine trees that stood posing along the upper part of this trail were so swaddled in snow, you could hardly see the needles or wood. It was a fairyland of white. Hydroline was not fast, but steady and effortless. Most of the way down, it felt like I was on a moving sidewalk at the airport. The steep hill at the bottom was no problem and easy to keep control. We finished the day by skiing down Fox again and finished at -1C. Another fabulous Day!

Total distance: 22.00 Km

Gnome with a man-bun

Elk Pass splendor.

Words can't describe the elegance of the trees on Hydroline

Joyful jaunt on Hydroline


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